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Forgotten Heroes

1. Wladyslaw Bielesz.pdf2. Pawel Cieslar.pdf3. Witold & Urszula Gasiorski.pdf4. Pawel Gazur.pdf5. Wladyslaw Grabowski.pdf6. Witold Grzesik.pdf7. Stanislaw Hasiuk.pdf8. Franciszek Heczko.pdf9. Antoni Jalowiczor.pdf10. Stanislaw Kuznicki.pdf11. Marian Macko.pdf12. Marian Majer.pdf13. Maria Mars.pdf14. Anna Zalesna.pdf15. Antoni Kawulok.pdf16. Edward Smoczynski.pdf

In 2014 one of our founding members, Peter Jalowiczor, published a book called ‘Forgotten Heroes’. It is a collection of WWII accounts from Polish ex-servicemen and women who settled in Rotherham after the war and charts the development of their community in the following decades.

Peter has kindly allowed the use of several excerpts from his book and you can access these by clicking any of the images below. The bottom two links are from the final chapters of the book and they detail the Poles in Rotherham after the war (Chapter III) and how the community began to take shape (Chapter IV).

17. Ernest Bylica.pdf 18. Jozef Adamek.pdf 19. Julian Adamek.pdf 20. Stefan Pejko.pdf 21. Wladyslaw Mars.pdf Chapter III Poles in Rotherham after the War (web).pdf Chapter IV The Community takes shape (web).pdf